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NYC Auto Accident Lawyers / New York Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

New York Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

If people are judged by their actions, and not their words, a surprising number of drivers out there are seriously lacking in morals. Hit and runs are incredibly common, and are even more prevalent when the victim cannot chase them down; pedestrians and bicyclists are victims of hit and runs at extraordinary rates. Whether you were a pedestrian, vehicle occupant, or other road user and you were injured in a hit and run crash, a lawyer can help. Even if the hit and run driver is never found, the New York hit & run lawyers at Cohan Law Firm are here to talk you through your options.

How to File a Claim With Your Insurance Company in a Hit and Run 

The unfortunate truth is that most hit and run drivers actually get away with their crime. Only when they cause a fatality is there more than a half-hearted search of hit and run drivers conducted by law enforcement. So, does this mean you are simply out of luck if you had the bad misfortune to be injured in a hit and run? No. You still have the option to seek compensation from your uninsured motorist policy (UM policy), which can be applied in hit and run scenarios. A hit and run UM claim works like any other: you and your attorney file a claim with an insurance company (which happens to be yours in this case), demanding a certain level of compensation. Negotiations begin at this point, and usually an agreement is finalized out of court. If not, your attorney will file a lawsuit and additional negotiations will likely ensue. In rare cases, the lawsuit will be argued in court. 

Benefits to Using Your UM Policy in a Hit and Run

  • You can use your UM policy if you were a pedestrian or bicyclist when you were hit
  • You can be fairly compensated for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning ability, medical expenses, and all of the other damages caused to you
  • You can seek damages up to your policy limits, meaning your past self essentially decides how much compensation you want at your disposal in a potential crash
  • If your insurance company declines to pay out, you have the option to sue
  • If the at fault driver is eventually found, you can file a lawsuit against them, even if you have already been compensated under your own UM policy.

Call a New York Hit & Run Accident Lawyer Today 

Leaving an innocent person on the road to potentially die, without rendering aid or calling 911, is a disgusting act of small minded selfishness that has no excuse, regardless of the circumstances. While filling a personal injury claim against that party or with your own insurance company does not erase the trauma caused to you, it can provide you with a certain degree of financial security that you would not otherwise be able to achieve. The NYC hit and run accident lawyers at Cohan Law Firm are here to help. Call us at 855-855-0321 today for a complimentary consultation.

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