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NYC Auto Accident Lawyers / New York Aggressive Driver/Road Rage Lawyer

New York Aggressive Driver/Road Rage Lawyer

Road rage and aggressive driving are more prominent than ever these days as more and more drivers feel entitled to take out their anger on other road users. Even as the pandemic has come and gone, the aggressive driving that came with it has stayed, resulting in ever more dangerous roadways. If an aggressive or road raged driver caused a crash that you were injured in, our New York aggressive driving/road rage lawyers at Cohan Law Firm are here to help.

Top 10 Examples of Aggressive Driving and Road Rage Lane Changes

  1. Speeding—While going five miles an hour over the speed limit is within reason in most scenarios, speeding is a form of aggressive driving when a driver violates the speed limit by 15 miles per hour or more.
  2. Tailgating—Tailgating is essentially bullying another driver to either speed up or get out of the way. Following too closely is a leading cause of crashing on the highway.
  3. Rapid lane changing—Changing lanes quickly and with little to no warning is one way aggressive drivers attempt to save time and get ahead of those following the rules of the road.
  4. Passing on the left—Passing on the left, even on multi-lane highways, is not only confusing to other drivers and goes against basic courtesy, but it is likely to catch another driver off guard, and cause a crash.
  5. Running red lights—Speeding through intersections and trying to beat yellow lights is likely to cause a T-bone collision and cause catastrophic injuries to innocent road users.
  6. Brake checking—Getting in front of another driver and slamming on the brakes is an example of a road raged driver attempting to punish another road users or assert their dominance
  7. Failing to yield—Pulling out right in front of others, either from a side street, parking lot, or opposite lane during a left turn, is a prime example of an aggressive driver attempting to save a few seconds off their commute.
  8. Threats—Flipping another road user off, unnecessary honking, intentionally swerving towards others, verbal harassment, and brandishing weapons are all forms of road rage that have no place on the roads.
  9. Coal rolling—Pickups outfitted with aftermarket smoke-producing muffles are becoming more common these days. Drivers will slam on the accelerator and “coal roll” other road users (often pedestrians or cyclists) in a cloud of black smoke.
  10. Lane blocking—A road raged driver intent on punishing another driver may do so by getting in front of them and blocking the lane, suddenly slowing traffic behind and keeping others from being able to pass.

Call a New York Aggressive Driving Attorney Today 

As a victim of road rage, you are entitled to compensation from the reckless driver who decided that the law did not apply to them. This compensation can be used to pay for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and much more. To get started on your personal injury claim today, call the New York aggressive driving/road rage attorneys at Cohan Law Firm at 855-855-0321 for a complimentary consultation.

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