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New York Amputation Injury Lawyer

Sometimes accidents happen. At the very least, you may suffer lacerations or bruises. Perhaps you suffer something in between, like broken bones or a dislocated knee. On the more serious end of the scale, you could get a limb amputated.

An amputation is probably most people’s worst nightmare. Being without an arm, leg, hand, or foot would be a scary and frustrating experience. Your life will change permanently. Even if you use a prosthetic device, things will never quite be the same.

Amputation can happen in many ways. Sometimes it is congenital, meaning a person is born that way. Amputations can also happen due to infections or diseases, such as diabetes. Then amputation can be traumatic, which means it is caused by an injury or accident.

In any case, losing a body part is never a happy experience. There’s no doubt that your life will change to some degree. You may be anxious and full of stress. Is someone at fault? If so, the New York amputation injury lawyers from Cohan Law Firm can assist you with financial recovery.

What to Know About Amputation

The most common symptoms of amputation are bleeding, pain, and crushed body tissue. The bleeding or pain may not be as severe as first. Sometimes the body part is not fully amputated. It may still be partially attached by skin, muscle, tendon, or bone, tendon. Even if the body part is severed, it can be reattached in some cases. Because of this, it is always a good idea to save any severed parts.

Amputation comes with complications. The most common ones are bleeding, infection, and shock.

Effects of Amputation

Even with a prosthesis, an amputee can experience many uncomfortable and even debilitating effects. Use of a prosthesis can lead to heat rash, blisters, sweating, contact dermatitis, abrasions and painful ingrown hairs. Untreated skin issues can lead to infection.

Using lower-limb prostheses can lead to problems with posture, muscle strains, and gait abnormalities. Back pain is a common issue, affecting as many as 80% of lower-limb amputees. Hip pain and leg pain are also common.

Amputation also decreases the level of activity for most people. This can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Besides physical ailments, amputees may also suffer from psychological problems. Nearly one-third suffer from depression. Lowered self-esteem, distorted body image, increased dependency, and high levels of social isolation also plague amputees.

Contact Cohan Law Firm Today

Losing a body part is a horrific experience that you should not have to experience or witness. However, it can happen in traumatic accidents involving motor vehicles, tractors, machinery, and factory work.

While you may be able to recover well from losing a digit like a finger or toe, losing an arm, leg, hand, or foot is a lot more serious. Make sure you are prepared for the lifelong effects with help from the New York amputation injuries lawyers from Cohan Law Firm. We’ll guide you through the process during this traumatic time. Schedule a free consultation today by filling out the online form or calling (855) 855-0321.

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