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New York Side Impact Crash Lawyer

Side impact crashes, which are also called broadside or T-bone collisions, can result in devastating injuries for either party involved. If you were hurt in a side impact crash, we urge you to speak to a lawyer before you discuss anything with the other party or their insurance representative. Do not be tricked into accepting a low offer that does not take your lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical needs into account. The New York side impact crash lawyers at Cohan Law Firm can get you the compensation your injuries actually deserve.

Side Impact Crash Scenarios

  • Driver illegally pulls out from a side street in front of another vehicle, being hit from the side
  • Red light runner causes a side impact crash in the middle of an intersection
  • Stop sign runner causes a side impact crash
  • Left turning driver cuts off an oncoming vehicle
  • Aggressively speeding driver’s velocity is impossible to properly gauge, and a law-abiding driver pulls out in front of them assuming they are going roughly the speed limit.

Sideswipe Collisions

Another type of side impact crash is the sideswipe; a sideswipe crash involves two vehicles traveling the same direction in different lanes. One driver, due to inattention or another form of negligent driving, changes or veers out of their lane, colliding with the vehicle beside them. If this collision occurs at a high speed, either vehicle can be spun around, pushed into another vehicle or stationary object, or flipped over. While the impact in a sideswipe crash is less than a T-bone or a head-on collision, they can cause extreme injuries due to the secondary impact of rolling over, being pushed off the road, or colliding with another object/vehicle.

Establishing Fault in a New York Side Impact Crash

Proving fault in a side impact crash can be difficult, especially if there were no witnesses and it is one driver’s word against another regarding who ran the stop sign or who ran the red light. However, as with any traffic collision the police will conduct an investigation, which will be used in the personal injury claim. Further investigation may be necessary in order to win your claim. This may require working with expert witnesses and crash scene forensic experts.

Injuries in a Side Impact Crash are Severe

Side impact crashes account for roughly one out of four motor vehicle traffic fatalities. This is due to the relatively little protection afforded to the side-impacted occupant or occupants, who are shielded with a relatively thin door and glass, and hopefully an airbag, but nothing else. Meanwhile, the driver and occupants of the vehicle that did the side-impacting are protected by multiple feet of crumple zone.

Call a New York Side Impact Crash Attorney Today 

There are no excuses in any traffic collision. One or more parties are at fault, no matter the conditions of the crash. If you were hurt in a side-impact crash, the New York side impact crash attorneys at Cohan Law Firm can get you the compensation you need. Call today at 855-855-0321 for a complimentary consultation.

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