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NYC Auto Accident Lawyers / New York Single Vehicle/Phantom Vehicle Accident Lawyer

New York Single Vehicle/Phantom Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Not all crashes involve direct contact between two vehicles. It is quite possible for a negligent driver to cause a crash and never touch the other road users. These crashes are called phantom collisions. For example, if you were run off the road by an oncoming vehicle that crossed into your lane, you would have experienced a phantom collision. Determining fault and collecting compensation is extremely difficult in these types of crashes, but the New York single vehicle/phantom vehicle accident lawyers at Cohan Law Firm are determined to produce results for our clients in every case they take on.

What is a Phantom Vehicle or Phantom Driver?

A phantom vehicle is a vehicle that causes a crash but never comes into contact with the vehicle that crashes. Then, the phantom driver takes off. Drivers of phantom vehicles who cause crashes have a legal obligation to stop, provide aid, and call 911 for their victims, but they do not stop either because they want to avoid liability (which is essentially a hit and run), or because they were not even aware that they caused a crash.

Examples of Phantom Crashes

A phantom driver causes a crash by making a maneuver or taking an aggressive action that causes another driver to slam on their brakes or swerve, either hitting a stationary object, crashing into another vehicle, crashing into a ditch, or rolling over. Scenarios in which a phantom driver can cause a crash include:

  • Phantom driver merges or drifts out of their lane into an adjacent lane on the highway
  • Phantom driver makes a dangerous pass on a rural road into oncoming traffic
  • Phantom driver buzzes or comes too close to a cyclist in the shoulder
  • Phantom driver honks at a cyclist
  • Phantom driver intentionally swerves their car toward another road user
  • Phantom driver brake checks the driver behind them (slams on their brakes in road rage)
  • Phantom driver pulls in front of another road user from a side street or parking lot
  • Phantom driver makes a left turn across traffic in front of another road user

Proving Fault

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult proving that a phantom driver caused the crash you were involved in, let alone track them down. If they are tracked down, either by witnesses, a police search, or with a camera that saw their license plate number, you can file a personal injury claim with them. If they are never found, you may be able to seek compensation through your own uninsured/underinsured motorist policy.

Call a New York Single Vehicle/Phantom Vehicle Accident Attorney Today

Crashing because of another driver’s careless or intentional actions is made all the more infuriating when they get away with it unscathed and seemingly Scott free. If you were injured in a single vehicle collision, we can help prove fault and win your claim, whether the phantom driver is found or not. Call the New York Phantom vehicle accident attorneys at Cohan Law Firm today at 855-855-0321 for a complimentary consultation.

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