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New York Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Large parking lots are an American invention gone wrong in so many ways. Not only do they take up around 20 percent of prime real estate in many cities—drastically adding to the heat island effect, increasing urban sprawl, and encouraging car use above other forms of transportation—but they invite conflict between drivers vying for spaces in sometimes tight, congested areas. Crashes are bound to happen whenever there are human drivers behind the wheel, and parking lots are no exception. If you were injured by someone who backed into you, hit you while you were on foot, New York parking lot accident lawyers at Cohan Law Firm can help you get the type of personal injury compensation you deserve.

Common Parking Lot Crashes

Causes of parking lot crashes can usually be boiled down into one or more of the following: distraction, impatience, excessive speed, and road rage. Examples of typical parking lot crashes include:

  • Backing up vehicle accelerates too quickly or the driver backs up without looking in their mirrors and hits a passing or paused vehicle
  • Passing vehicle fails to yield to another vehicle that is currently backing up, and T-bones or clips that driver’s vehicle
  • Excessive speed around a blind or tight corner
  • Taking too wide of a turn, clipping another vehicle
  • Tailgating and rear-ending another vehicle when it stops to pull into a parking spot
  • Dangerous or excessively fast entrance to the parking lot from the street
  • Failure to yield right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks or pedestrians using the sidewalk
  • Failure to yield right of way to pedestrians entering or exiting vehicles, or making their way in between parked cars
  • In a fit of road rage, a driver accelerates into another vehicle during a parking spot “fight”

Parking Lot Pedestrian Injuries

There truly is no safe place around motor vehicles if you are on foot. Even in parking lots, where the speed limit is exceptionally low and everyone was or will soon be a pedestrian for at least a short period of time, drivers regularly run into pedestrians, then blame them for somehow “jumping out” or “running in front” of the car. The truth in most of these crashes is that the driver was texting, speeding, scolding a child in the rear seat, or just impatiently backing out without looking in their mirrors.

Call a New York Parking Lot Crash Attorney Today 

Most parking lot collisions are low speed, but that does not mean that injuries cannot occur. Even at relatively low speeds under 20 miles per hour, victims can suffer concussion, whiplash, fractured bones, and lacerations. If a pedestrian is hit, even at 10 miles per hour, they are likely to end their day in the hospital with serious to life-threatening injuries, depending on the circumstances in which they were hit and the size of the vehicle that struck them. If you were injured because of another driver’s impatience or carelessness, call the New York parking lot accident attorneys at Cohan Law Firm at 855-855-0321 for a complimentary consultation.

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