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New York Stop Sign Accident Lawyer

Intersections are one of the most likely places for a crash to occur. In fact, there are nearly three quarters of a million police reported intersection crashes each year, many of which are not enforced by traffic lights, but by stop signs. If everyone at a stop sign intersection is paying attention and waiting their turn, not much can go wrong. But add in cell phones, impatient drivers, and speeding, and stop sign intersections are now a recipe for disaster. If you were injured in a stop sign crash, an attorney can prove fault and file a claim with the negligent party. At Cohan Law Firm, our New York stop sign accident lawyers are here to help you move on with your life by seeking justice today.

Top Five Causes of Stop Sign Accidents

  • Distracted Driving—Cell phones are one of the top sources of distracted driving. A texting driver can go right through a stop sign without even noticing that it is there, or start accelerating too soon while finishing up a text, T-boning another road user in the process.
  • Drunk Driving—Intoxication increases reaction time, impairs vision and decision making, and drastically increases the chances of a stop sign collision.
  • Speeding—Speeding is one of the primary causes of stop sign accidents, with speeders unable to come to a complete stop before crossing the white stop line at four-way intersections.
  • Aggressive Driving—Aggressive drivers can cause stop sign accidents in a number of ways: by tailgating prior to the intersection and causing a rear-ender as the leading vehicle comes to a stop, by cutting in front of other drivers, by rolling through stop signs and assuming others will stop for them, and by accelerating too quickly from a stop, clipping another motorist in the process.
  • Impatient Driving—Busy stop sign intersections require cooperation from everyone to function properly. Impatient drivers ruin it for everyone by essentially cutting in line. Their unpredictable actions are one of the top causes of stop sign confusion and crashes.

Damages in a New York Stop Sign Accident Claim

Stop sign crashes are usually T-bones or head-on collisions, both of which are the most dangerous way in which two vehicles can collide. Victims often suffer serious injuries, including whiplash, concussion, and broken bones. Plaintiffs can seek the following damages in this type of personal injury claim:

  • Doctor and hospital bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost joy in life
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning ability
  • Property damage

Call a New York Stop Sign Accident Attorney Today

Everyone has an obligation to obey the rules of the road and to look out for the safety of others. Speeding, distracted driving, and road rage violate this duty of care. If you were harmed in a stop sign collision because another driver failed to yield right of way, an attorney can ensure that you are fairly compensated by the at-fault driver for your damages. Call the New York stop sign accident attorneys at Cohan Law Firm today at 855-855-0321 for a complimentary consultation.

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