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New York Crane Collapse Lawyer

Construction sites often have building materials and equipment on hand. Sometimes these objects need to be lifted and lowered quickly, and using human power just isn’t enough. That’s where cranes come in.

Cranes are types of heavy equipment used to lift and lower these heavy materials. They use cables and pulleys to move these materials with ease. Cranes are great to have on the jobsite when everything is going right because material handling is a main part of the job. When a crane collapses, though, a lot can go wrong quickly. Operators and bystanders can get seriously injured or killed.

A crane collapse or accident can lead to a lot of damages. If you were affected, make sure to take prompt action and get the legal help you need. The New York crane collapse lawyers from Cohan Law Firm can assist you with getting compensation.

Why Do Cranes Collapse?

The main reason why cranes fail is due to improper assembly or disassembly. Most cranes on construction sites are temporary. When they arrive on jobsites, they are extremely vulnerable. That’s because they are not fully assembled, as all the components aren’t fully bolted together.

The manufacturers do not assemble the cranes on the jobsite. This may be done by the construction workers or perhaps a special crew. In the construction industry, there are tight deadlines, so shortcuts are often taken. While detailed manuals are provided for the crews to use, they are rarely followed correctly. Crews may do things to speed up disassembly, such as not connecting major components of the crane. This can cause the crane to quickly collapse, seriously injuring or killing everyone around it.

Overloading is also an issue. Every crane has weight limitations, but there are many different configurations to consider. Load limits depend on these movements, whether the crane is going up and down or side to side.

How to Prevent Crane Accidents

Proper care and attention is necessary to prevent crane accidents. As mentioned above, most safety measures are ignored in an effort to cut corners or to save time and money. A crane accident is much more costly than following safety protocols. Here are some preventative measures to prevent crane accidents:

  • Set up the crane on safe, sturdy surfaces.
  • Operating the crane away from live wires, allowing for a minimum 20-foot distance.
  • Carry out regular inspections of the crane to fix any issues promptly.
  • Ensure all staff working with the crane are qualified, competent and certified.

Contact Cohan Law Firm Today

Cranes are heavy equipment that can collapse if safety measures are not in place. Everyone needs to be on board in order to keep accidents from occurring.

Employers can be held liable for crane collapse and other construction accidents. Seek legal help from a New York crane collapse lawyer from Cohan Law Firm today. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the online form or calling (855) 855-0321.

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