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New York Scaffold Accident Lawyer

Construction workers face many perils on a daily basis. One major danger is heights. If you live in New York, you know that buildings are often very tall. Of course, there are no ladders that can reach these heights. Instead, scaffolding will be installed.

Scaffolding refers to a temporary structure that offers support and elevation. It allows workers to easily access the building site. Workers can also place materials on the scaffold so that they can securely work at a considerable height.

With height comes dangers. It is estimated that scaffold accidents cause 4,500 injuries each year, with dozens of workers killed.

As you can see, using scaffolding can be dangerous. If you have been injured, contact Cohan Law Firm. We’ll ensure your rights are protected. Contact our experienced New York scaffold accident lawyers today.

Types of Scaffolding

There are several types of scaffolding that may be used on a construction site. They include the following:

  • Single scaffold. A single scaffold is set parallel to a wall and typically used for performing brickwork.
  • Double scaffold. This uses two rows of scaffolding, along with braces and cross beams to make it extra sturdy.
  • Cantilever scaffold. This is used when the ground cannot support scaffolding. It uses timber needles that are extended out from holes in the wall of the building.

Suspended scaffold. This is often used by window washers. The scaffold is not raised from the ground. Instead, the platform hangs over the building and is supported by the roof.

Types of Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding accidents can happen in a number of ways. They include:

  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • A fall from the scaffolding
  • Plank and support failures
  • Equipment or tools falling from the scaffolding
  • Placing scaffolding too close to power lines or utilities

Scaffolding accidents are often caused by general negligence. More specifically, they are caused by the failure to follow safety protocols. Employers often don’t make safety a priority because they choose to cut corners and save money.

Under the New York scaffold law, employers and other agencies responsible for scaffolding must do the following:

  • Make sure the scaffolding is installed properly.
  • Properly maintain the scaffolding.
  • Make sure employees have all necessary safety equipment.
  • Install a 34-inch safety rail if the scaffolding is more than 20 feet high.
  • Construct the scaffold so that it can hold at least four times the maximum weight.
  • Secure the scaffolding so that it does not sway.

It is important that these rules be followed. Otherwise, serious injuries or fatalities can occur.

Contact Cohan Law Firm Today

Scaffold workers should be able to work in a safe environment. However, working from heights always poses dangers and when employers don’t protect employees from risks, serious accidents can occur.

Don’t lose out on your rights to compensation. Contact a New York scaffold accidents lawyer from Cohan Law Firm today. Schedule a free consultation by calling (855) 855-0321 or filling out the online form.

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