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New York Ladder Fall Lawyer

In the construction industry, one of the most commonly used tools is a ladder. A ladder can help workers reach high places so that they can complete their job with ease. Many ladders can reach 20-30 feet, although there are taller ladders that reach 40 feet or more.

You want to ensure that you are using a ladder that is not too short. While taller ladders can be helpful, they can also be dangerous. Ladder falls are common construction accidents, and falling from such a height can lead to serious injury or even death. Ladder falls result in more than 100,000 injuries every year and 300 deaths.

Ladder falls can be caused by the following:

  • Failing to set up the ladder properly
  • Mounting or dismounting the ladder improperly
  • Overreaching while on the ladder
  • Misstepping while ascending or descending
  • Losing one’s balance

Ladder injuries can happen during construction, painting, masonry, demolition, and renovation. If you have been involved in a ladder accident, seek legal help right away. The knowledgeable New York ladder fall lawyers from Cohan Law Firm can assist you.

Common Types of Ladders

The most common ladders used in construction are:

  • Single ladders. These consist of one section and are not adjustable in length, consisting of one section.
  • Extension ladders. These have become more common than single ladders. Extension ladders are adjustable in length and consist of two or more sections to allow for length adjustment.
  • Articulated ladders. These ladders have locking articulated joints so that the ladder can be set up in several different configurations. For example, an articulated ladder can be used as a step ladder or a single ladder.
  • Trestle ladders. These ladders act as a combination of a step ladder and an extension ladder.
  • Telescoping ladders. These ladders use a pin system to “telescope” into variable lengths.

Ladder Safety Tips

When using ladders, safety is key. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the ladder is on even, stable ground before use.
  • Before getting on a ladder, always make sure that the steps and rungs are free of slip hazards, such as oil, grease, and wet paint.
  • Never leave a ladder unattended. Always put it away when done.
  • Make sure a ladder is not in front of a doorway.
  • Never tie two ladders together to make them longer.
  • Do not skip any rungs when going up or down a ladder.
  • Always use both hands on the ladder when going up or down. If you must carry items up a ladder, use your pockets or a tool belt.

Contact Cohan Law Firm Today

It’s important to be cautious when using ladders. One wrong move can lead to a serious or fatal fall.

If you have been injured, make sure you understand your legal rights. A New York ladder falls lawyer from Cohan Law Firm can help you get full and fair compensation. To schedule a free consultation, call (855) 855-0321 or fill out the online form.

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