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NYC Auto Accident Lawyers / New York “Squeeze Play” Truck Accident Lawyer

New York “Squeeze Play” Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were to the left or right of a truck as it made a wide turn, and you were hit as a result simply for traveling legally in your lane of traffic, you may be a victim of a squeeze play truck accident. If so, the New York truck accident attorneys at Cohan Law Firm can help you secure compensation.

What is Squeeze Play?

When a long semi-truck makes a sharp turn at low speed, the driver sometimes has to account for the angle by first moving the opposite direction. For example, the truck is making a 90-degree right hand turn on a four lane road (there are two lanes of travel in each direction). The truck driver merges into the left hand lane first, then turns right across the right hand lane, giving the trailer more room to navigate the curve. If another road user happens to be on the right of the truck during this process, they can be “squeezed” or essentially hit from the side; in some cases this party can be trapped between the truck trailer and the curb.. There are certain factors that would place liability on the truck driver during a squeeze play crash, and these include:

  • Not giving warning of the maneuver by using turn signals
  • Signaling too late
  • Not checking side view mirrors
  • Taking up multiple lanes to make the maneuver
  • Using the left turn lane to make a right hand turn

Essentially, if the truck driver’s actions are not broadcast and are not easily recognizable to other road users, the truck driver is likely to cause a crash, and can be held at fault.

When The Passenger Vehicle Driver is at Fault

There are scenarios in which a passenger vehicle driver can be cited for causing a squeeze play truck collision. For example, a passenger vehicle is following a semi-truck on a two-lane road. The semi-truck slows down and the driver puts their right turn signal on, preparing to make a right turn. The truck driver then begins to move left, crossing the yellow center line, preparing to make the tight, 90-degree right hand turn. The passenger vehicle driver speeds up and attempts to pass on the right shoulder of the road. The truck driver, scanning the road ahead and in the side view mirror, sees no one (because the passenger vehicle is now in the blind spot) then cranks the steering wheel to the right and makes the turn, colliding with the passing passenger vehicle. Because the truck driver used their turn signal, there were only two lanes of traffic, and the passenger vehicle illegally passed on the right shoulder, the passenger vehicle driver would potentially lose a personal injury claim in this scenario.

Call a New York Squeeze Play Truck Accident Attorney Today

 Semi-trucks pose all types of hazards for other road users. Squeeze play accidents are just one type of traumatic collision in which smaller vehicle occupants pay the price. Your injuries deserve and demand compensation. Call the New York squeeze play truck accident attorneys at Cohan Law Firm today at 855-855-0321 for a complimentary consultation.

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