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New York Road Shoulder Accident Lawyer

Depending on the road or highway, the shoulder can be used for a variety of purposes—to pull over if a vehicle breaks down or gets a flat, as an emergency exit to avoid a crash, for cyclists and pedestrians, for emergency vehicles to get to collisions and provide aid if all lanes are backed up, for water drainage, and to provide structural stability to the road. Unfortunately, road shoulders somehow attract drunk drivers, stopped drivers looking up directions or sending texts, and other hazardous behavior that leads to collisions. As a victim of a road shoulder accident, the New York road shoulder accident lawyers at Cohan Law Firm extend their legal services to you and your family during this time of confusion, trauma, and anxiety. We can help you financially recover from your injuries while you begin to recover from them physically and emotionally.

Causes of Road Shoulder Accidents

Road shoulder crashes happen when one or more parties is either not paying attention, or is driving aggressively. Distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving, drunk driving, and drowsy driving causes almost all traffic collisions, and road shoulder crashes are no exception.

  • Drunk driver hits vehicle in the shoulder
  • Fatigued or drowsy driver (often semi-truck operators) drifts into the shoulder of the road
  • Texting or distracted driver hits a vehicle in the shoulder
  • Speeding or reckless driver loses control of their vehicle and crashes in the shoulder
  • Impatient driver uses the shoulder to make illegal passes during heavy congestion
  • Crash at night caused by driver mistaking red taillights as a moving vehicle, not a stopped vehicle in the shoulder
  • Careless or reckless driving hits a bicyclist or pedestrian because the driver was not paying attention to the road, was drunk, or acted intentionally in road rage
  • Driver in the shoulder pulls out in front of traffic without looking, or otherwise failing to yield right of way
  • Driver in the shoulder doesn’t pull far enough to the side, leaving part of their vehicle in the moving lane of traffic
  • Driver slows down too quickly, fails to use their turn signal, or otherwise does not provide enough time or notice to other drivers as they pull off the road into the shoulder
  • Driver hits the soft shoulder and loses control of their vehicle

Elements of a Successful Road Shoulder Personal Injury Claim

All personal injury claims require proving fault, gathering damage documents and evidence, complete knowledge of the liable party’s insurance police, and strong negotiation with their insurance company. None of this can be done properly by the plaintiff themselves; winning fair compensation requires the diligent and determined work of an experienced attorney.

Call a New York Road Shoulder Accident Attorney Today 

Road shoulder crashes can be extremely violent, as they often involve one vehicle driving at a very high rate of speed, and another fully stopped. The forces involved in such a crash are extreme. A plaintiff’s compensation should be just as high.  Call the New York road shoulder accident attorneys at Cohan Law Firm at 855-855-0321 for a complimentary consultation.

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