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Two Dead After Moped Accident in Queens


Mopeds have become a popular mode of transport in Queens, along with e-scooters and e-bikes. These low-power vehicles are more affordable than gas-guzzling SUVs or trucks, and they are especially suitable for heavily urbanized areas like New York City. However, they can also be highly dangerous – particularly with so many negligent motorists on the road. This was made adamantly clear after a fatal moped crash in Queens.

Two Moped Riders Die in Queens Hit-and-Run

 In May of 2024, Fox News reported that two moped riders had lost their lives after being struck by a hit-and-run motorist in Queens. The suspect was riding what police describe as a “gray Volkswagen,” which crashed into several parked vehicles after striking the moped. Both of the victims were sitting on the same moped when the accident occurred. After crashing the Volkswagen, the driver exited their vehicle and fled on foot. There is no word on whether the driver was apprehended.

Witnesses say the Volkswagen burst into flames after crashing, implying that it was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. The flames also made the incident particularly shocking, and they may have contributed to the fatalities in some way. Police say that the driver seems to have taken a turn too fast, drifting too far wide and impacting the moped in the oncoming lane.

Reporters note that this is the same intersection that saw a fatal accident earlier in the year. In that incident, a city worker fatally struck a pedestrian while attempting to make a right-hand turn.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Hit-and-Run in New York 

Surviving family members often want to take action after losing their loved ones to hit-and-runs in New York. A wrongful death lawsuit can provide compensation for funeral expenses, missed future income, emotional distress, unpaid medical costs (including ambulance fees), and much more.

However, filing a lawsuit after a hit-and-run can be challenging, and it makes sense to work with experienced personal injury lawyers for best results. A wrongful death claim can be particularly challenging if the at-fault driver is never located. Although police are very adept at tracking down fleeing motorists, some of these criminals escape successfully. Even if you cannot locate the at-fault driver, however, it may still be possible to file a no-fault injury claim.

Key Takeaways 

  • Mopeds are becoming more common throughout New York
  • Family members may file wrongful death lawsuits after fatal accidents
  • Personal injury lawyers can help after hit-and-run accidents in Queens

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