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What Happens After a U-Haul Crash in Brooklyn?


Brooklyn residents often rent U-Haul trucks when moving out. Faced with sliding or shattering furniture in the back, these individuals can easily become distracted – increasing the chances of collisions. Even the smallest U-Haul vehicles are bulky and heavy, making crashes especially dangerous. If you were injured by a U-Haul truck crash in Brooklyn, you might be wondering what happens next. How do you pursue compensation for your various damages?

U-Haul and Bus Collide in Downtown Brooklyn 

In April of 2024, a U-Haul truck collided with a bus in downtown Brooklyn and caused 15 injuries. The driver of the U-Haul apparently rear-ended the small bus, which was at full capacity at the time of the accident. The collision appears to have been quite severe, as images from the scene show the U-Haul’s completely caved-in front end. Reports indicate that everyone on board the bus was injured, although they only required minor treatment. Police say that there is no sign of criminal traffic violations.

How Do I Pursue Compensation for a Crash Caused by a U-Haul Driver? 

A U-Haul crash might involve serious complexities regarding insurance. According to Progressive, it is possible to rent a U-Haul truck without any insurance. Although U-Haul offers its customers various insurance packages, these add-ons are optional.

To further complicate this issue, normal car insurance likely does not cover U-Haul crashes. This is because the average no-fault insurance policy in New York has specific weight limits. Once you start driving heavy trucks, your personal car insurance policy becomes invalid.

In addition, many people who rent U-Haul trucks are completely unqualified to drive them. Driving a U-Haul truck is very different compared to driving a small sedan, and many motorists crash due to lack of experience. Progressive recommends that U-Haul renters purchase additional, separate insurance before driving these trucks.

Can I Sue U-Haul for My Crash? 

You may be able to sue U-Haul for your accident in certain situations. If U-Haul staff knowingly rented the truck to an incompetent driver, you could potentially hold the company liable for your injuries. For example, the driver may have had a suspended license due to numerous drunk driving offenses. Perhaps they never obtained their license at all.

Of course, you could always turn to your own no-fault insurance coverage. If gaps in insurance prevent you from filing a claim against the truck driver, you can turn to your policy without having to establish negligence.

Key Takeaways 

  • U-Haul offers its own insurance coverage
  • U-Haul states that a driver’s personal auto insurance usually isn’t valid
  • Weight restrictions can invalidate a personal auto insurance policy for U-Haul

Work with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn 

U-Haul truck crashes in Brooklyn can be complicated for various reasons. While internet research can clarify some of these points, you’ll receive more targeted advice during a consultation with a lawyer. Choose the New York truck accident lawyers at Cohan Law, PLLC to discuss this subject in more detail – and pursue the compensation you need.




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