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What Your Attorney Will do to Help You Through a Deposition


What is a deposition?

A Q&A session where the other party’s lawyer asks questions, and you provide honest answers. Everything said will be recorded by a court reporter.

Where does it happen?

They’ll ensure you’re informed about the location in advance, whether it’s on a Zoom call or at a lawyer’s office.

Who will be there?

Your attorney will reassure you that it’s just you, them, the other lawyer, and the court reporter, creating a comfortable environment for your deposition.

What’s the goal?

They’ll clarify that the goal is to convey your story clearly and honestly, demonstrating your readiness for court if necessary.

How do you prepare?

Your attorney will provide guidance and preparation. Also, dress appropriately and create a private space for the Zoom call. They’ll encourage you to share any additional information and prepare mentally by reflecting on the accident’s details and its impact on you.

During the deposition:

It’s okay to take breaks and suggest dressing in business casual attire for comfort and professionalism. They’ll also outline the typical topics of discussion, such as your background, the accident, and your medical treatment.

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