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NYC Auto Accident Lawyers / Blog / Time of a Personal Injury Case / What’s the Timeline on a Typical Personal Injury Case?

What’s the Timeline on a Typical Personal Injury Case?


*Seeking Medical Treatment**:Within a few days of the accident, If you are in pain, you will seek a doctor immediately. Your attorney will guide you to complete the paperwork necessary to start the case.

*Managing Medical Treatment**: Stick to the doctor’s medical treatment plan. If the doctor Recommends a course of treatment, you should listen carefully and take their advice. Get 2nd opinions where necessary.

**Completion of Treatment**: Once your treatment concludes, your attorney will compile all relevant medical records and our office team of lawyers, paralegals and medical staff will summarize and review to start the settlement process.

**Assessing Case Value**: Your office will meticulously evaluate various factors including your treatment, lost income, and the accident’s severity to determine the worth of your case accurately.

**Considering Filing a Lawsuit**: If negotiations with the insurance company falter or inadequate offers are made, we will file a lawsuit IMMEDIATELY.

**Preparation for Trial**: In the event that your case progresses to trial, your attorney will diligently prepare the necessary legal strategies.

Rest assured, any settlement offer received will be thoroughly discussed with you. With our firm, your success is our priority.


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