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Baby’s Death in Brooklyn Linked to Defective Radiator


Brooklyn is struggling with what seems like a plague of heat and fire-related risks, and the latest victim is a small baby. In many cases, these incidents are caused by defective products. While lithium-ion batteries have taken center stage due to their tendency to explode without warning, a recent incident also sheds light on malfunctioning radiators.

Baby Killed by Defective Radiator Shortly Before His First Birthday 

On January 20th, it was reported that an 11-month-old baby had lost his life due to a burn injury caused by a defective steam radiator in Brooklyn. Police say that the child was sleeping when steam from a nearby radiator burned him, ultimately causing fatal injuries. The mother was apparently in another room at the time of the incident. When she returned from feeding the child’s sibling, she opened the door to find the bedroom filled with steam. Obviously, something had gone very wrong.

Inspectors later determined that the temperature within the room had reached 200 degrees – causing the baby’s death. An investigation concluded that there was some kind of issue with the pipe that connected the steam to the radiator. Inspectors turned the boiler back on to test it – and the room filled with steam once again.

This is strikingly similar to a 2016 incident in the Bronx involving an exploding steam radiator. In that case, two children lost their lives. The Department of Buildings has announced a full-scale investigation into the apartment’s boiler room. The preliminary investigation uncovered the existence of an illegal laundry room that had been constructed without the necessary permits.

It is not clear who authorized the laundry room, but one would suspect that it had something to do with the building’s owner. Regardless of who might be responsible for this tragic death, there is a very real possibility of civil action against negligent parties.

Generally speaking, landlords may be sued by tenants if they allow certain health hazards to go unaddressed. The construction of an illegal, faulty laundry room with a defective steam radiator seems to be a clear example of negligence. In the case of a death, the family of the deceased victim may be justified in suing the landlord via a wrongful death lawsuit. As of this writing, it is unclear whether any of this will happen.

Key Takeaways 

  • Injuries or deaths caused by products can lead to “product liability lawsuits”
  • New York has been struggling with countless fires caused by defective products
  • Fires can lead to smoke inhalation, skin burns, and death
  • Landlords may be sued for letting tenants suffer due to preventable safety hazards

Find a Qualified Injury Attorney in Brooklyn 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced New York personal injury attorney, look no further than Cohan Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs – including those who have suffered immeasurable harm due to defective products. Whether you suffered harm due to an exploding lithium-ion battery or a defective radiator, you deserve the opportunity to explore your legal options. Reach out today to get started.




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