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Can You Sue After a Blown-Tire Accident in Forest Hills?


A tire blowout crash in Forest Hills can easily lead to serious injuries, and you might be wondering how you can possibly pursue compensation after this type of incident. A blown-out tire can cause you to veer off the road – potentially hitting poles, trees, other vehicles, or even pedestrians. Maybe you believe that your tire blowout was caused by some form of negligence. But how do you approach this situation with confidence and efficiency?

Why Are Tire Blowouts So Dangerous?

A tire blowout causes vehicles to completely lose control. While it might be possible to regain control and safely stop after a tire blowout on a quiet, empty street, hazards are multiplied in most other situations.

On a highway, a tire blowout can lead to serious crashes that cause fatalities or catastrophic injuries. A motorist might veer into other vehicles, causing multi-car crashes. They might also veer off the road entirely before impacting concrete barriers, trees, utility poles, and other equally unyielding structures.

Tire blowouts can be especially dangerous for commercial vehicles. When these lumbering vehicles lose control due to tire blowouts, they can quickly barrel through dozens of vehicles, causing widespread injuries, fires, and other hazards.

Who Can I Sue After a Tire Blowout Crash? 

In New York, you do not necessarily need to sue in order to receive compensation for a car accident. Instead, you can turn to your mandatory PIP insurance and file a no-fault claim. This can provide you with compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and some missed wages in the aftermath of your crash – and it might be the most suitable option in many cases.

You may also have the ability to sue a city municipality for failing to properly maintain the roads, and this might be the most logical choice if your tire blowout was caused by an excessive pothole or road defect.

If your blowout was caused by some kind of defect by the tire or vehicle manufacturer, you can sue these companies directly. Numerous auto manufacturers have been forced to recall various models because of tire blowout hazards, so ask your lawyer if your model and make was subject to a recall prior to the accident.

Finally, you can sue other drivers, commercial trucking companies, and related parties if your accident was caused by someone else’s tire blowout. This may have occurred because they failed to properly maintain their vehicle in a negligent manner.

Key Takeaways 

  • A tire blowout may not be your fault
  • You could sue a municipality for failing to maintain the roads
  • Tire blowouts may also be caused by manufacturing defects

Find a Qualified, Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer in Forest Hills 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced New York car accident lawyer, look no further than Cohan Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs – including those who have suffered serious harm due to car accidents. If you believe that your accident was caused by a blown-out tire, you may have the opportunity to pursue compensation from negligent parties. Reach out today for more information about your legal options.




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