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Gross Negligence in Brooklyn Warehouse Accident Leads to $4 Million Settlement


Workplace and construction accidents in Brooklyn claim numerous lives each year. Although fatal accidents are tragic, permanent disabilities can also be difficult to bear. This is true not only for injured workers, but also their families. One warehouse accident in Brooklyn has proven especially shocking, and the family of an injured worker has finally received a fair settlement. This settlement reflects not only the egregious nature of the safety violations that led to the accident, but also its life-altering consequences.

Family of Injured Brooklyn Warehouse Worker Finally Receives Fair Settlement 

In March of 2024, it was reported that a warehouse worker and his family had finally received a fair settlement for a shocking accident in 2018. For the past six years, this family had been fighting for justice – and contractors eventually agreed to pay out a $4 million settlement six years after the accident. Unfortunately, the injured worker will not have the opportunity to enjoy this legal victory – as the accident has left him in a permanent vegetative state.

In 2018, this worker was clearing away asbestos from the top of a derelict warehouse in Brooklyn. Amazon planned to turn this warehouse into a new facility, and a demolition company in New York was contracted to assist with the renovation process. It was just another step in Jeff Bezos’ relentless expansion of his multi-billion tech company.

Unfortunately for the workers tasked with renovating Bezos’ new warehouse, Amazon hired a very questionable contractor to assist with this process. While working for this company, the aforementioned worker fell through a hole in the roof. With the upper section suddenly caving in beneath his feet, the employee plummeted 25 feet to the concrete floor below. He struck his head upon impact and was subsequently placed in a medically-induced coma. He never recovered.

In the years that followed, investigations determined the extent of the contractor’s safety violations. His logbook showed signs of false information and even forgery. Among other things, this logbook clearly stated that a safety supervisor was present prior, during, and after the accident. When this supervisor was contacted, however, she told the court that she had not visited the warehouse on the specified days. It later became clear that the contractor had falsified this information – even forging the supervisor’s signature to imply that she was present.

This case shows how gross, reckless, and criminal negligence may allow workers and their families to step outside the normal boundaries of workers’ compensation law in New York. In any case, this was a fall-related injury – and so the Scaffold Law applies. Regardless of the legal details, it is crucial to hold negligent contractors and employers accountable so that incidents like this never happen again.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Fall-related injuries fall under the Scaffold Law in NYC – allowing workers to sue
  • Gross or reckless negligence may also allow injured workers to sue their employers
  • Amazon warehouses are associated with numerous safety violations and injuries

Find a Qualified Construction and Workplace Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn 

If a workplace or construction accident in Brooklyn has harmed you or someone you love, you may be eligible for compensation. Although workers’ compensation is the obvious option, you might also pursue a higher potential settlement if you can establish gross, reckless negligence. Reach out to the New York construction accident lawyers at Cohan Law, PLLC today to discuss your legal options in more detail. We’ll help you pursue fair compensation for your workplace accident.




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