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School Crossing Guard Killed by Dump Truck in Queens


Commercial trucks represent a major threat in residential New York neighborhoods. Considerable blind spots can make it difficult to see pedestrians. Dump truck drivers often drive in a highly unpredictable manner with plenty of stops and starts. One might argue that these commercial trucks have no business zooming through narrow streets and school zones – especially when their drivers often act in a negligent manner. This argument seems all the more relevant after a school crossing guard was recently killed by a dump truck in Queens.

Truck Was Making Right-Hand Turn When It Struck Crossing Guard 

On October 20th of 2023, NBC New York reported that a dump truck had struck and killed a crossing guard in Queens. The crossing guard had apparently just finished helping five individuals cross a busy street when a dump truck attempted a right-hand turn into the intersection. The dump truck hit the crossing guard in the middle of the street, causing fatal injuries. Police say that she died instantly.

The crossing guard had been serving as an NYPD crossing guard for the past 13 years after emigrating from Poland. This represents the first death of a crossing guard in New York City since 2022. That said, accidents involving crossing guards are proving relatively common – as three such accidents have occurred within October alone.

Before her death, parents say that the crossing guard was becoming increasingly concerned about reckless drivers. She apparently complained about them when she saw them move through the intersection without stopping – pointing out that these drivers had “no respect” for the safety of both children and adults in the school zone.

Judging by police statements, it seems that the dump truck driver is a clear example of one of these negligent individuals. He was charged with failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian and failure to use due care. However, he was not held by police – suggesting that this represents a mere traffic violation rather than a full criminal offense. That said, the investigation is continuing – and the driver may encounter criminal charges at some point in the future.

Why Are Dump Trucks So Dangerous? 

Dump trucks may be especially dangerous for a number of reasons. First of all, they are more likely to travel down residential streets compared to other commercial trucks – such as tractor trailers. This is because they are often involved with waste management, which requires them to pick up trash in residential areas. In addition, they may stop and start in an unpredictable manner as they pick up trash. Dump trucks are also associated with unbalanced loads due to the variations within loads of trash. Finally, dump trucks may have blind spots in the front area – posing a clear threat to pedestrians.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Queens? 

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