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Another Senior Injures Pedestrians in Brooklyn After “Medical Emergency”


According to the Department of Transportation, seniors are involved in almost 20% of all traffic collisions. The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee in New York also states that older adults are more likely to crash due to “age-related vulnerabilities.” While seniors deserve the right to drive, people in Brooklyn also deserve protection from out-of-control elderly motorists. Recently, a crowd of pedestrians in Brooklyn was injured by one of these drivers.

9-Year-Old Suffers Medical Emergency Before Striking Pedestrians and Cars 

In April of 2024, ABC News reported that a senior had caused four injuries in Brooklyn after losing control of his vehicle. The driver is 89 years old, and it is not clear why he was driving at such an advanced age. Authorities say that the accident occurred because the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency behind the wheel.

After losing control, this senior struck someone on a scooter. Next, he collided with a parked vehicle with one occupant inside. Finally, the vehicle went onto the sidewalk and struck a pedestrian. The senior himself suffered injuries in the crash, bringing the total number of hospitalizations to four.

How Does New York Protect Pedestrians from Senior Drivers?

 New York does not have any senior-specific driving rules. While other states require seniors to renew their licenses more frequently than younger drivers, renewals occur every eight years for everyone in New York. This eight-year renewal period is the same for 25-year-olds, 75-year-olds, and even 90-year-olds.

For example, a senior could renew their license at age 68 with no health issues. By the seventh year of driving, they might have developed serious vision problems and other health issues. They could theoretically continue to drive for another year before the DMV became aware of these vulnerabilities. While vision tests and other health exams may be necessary for senior drivers, these exams only occur every eight years. This wide gap provides plenty of opportunities for serious accidents caused by health declines.

Can You Sue for a Crash Caused by a Medical Emergency? 

A lawsuit may be impossible if the defendant can prove they suffered a legitimate medical emergency moments before the crash. Fortunately, New York gives you another route toward compensation. By filing a no-fault insurance claim, you can pursue compensation for missed wages and medical expenses without ever proving negligence.

Key Takeaways 

  • Senior drivers often struggle with poor eyesight, cognitive decline, and other issues
  • Medical emergencies are common among senior drivers
  • New York’s no-fault system covers you even if seniors escape penalties for crashes

Pursue Compensation for Your Pedestrian Injuries in Brooklyn 

If you were injured by an out-of-control senior driver, you have every right to pursue compensation. You may have a few options, and it helps to discuss these choices alongside a New York pedestrian accident lawyer. Choose Cohan Law, PLLC – and get started with an effective strategy today. We’ll guide you toward compensation for medical expenses, missed wages, and more.





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