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E-Bike Rider Dies After Being Struck by Beer Truck in Manhattan


E-bikes are making headlines on an almost weekly basis in Manhattan – and for all the wrong reasons. Fire officials have warned the public of the explosive, flammable nature of e-bike batteries – linking dozens of fires in New York to these dangerous components. While these fires are certainly alarming, e-bike crashes are perhaps more shocking. It is all too easy to blame e-bike riders for reckless conduct, and not all crashes are caused by the high speeds of these electric vehicles. A recent crash shows that e-bike riders are vulnerable to impacts from various vehicles in Manhattan. What can you do if you were injured in a Manhattan e-bike crash?

Beer Truck Makes Right-Hand Turn into E-Bike Rider in Manhattan 

In June of 2024, authorities reported a fatal e-bike accident in Manhattan. Police say that the cyclist was traveling down West 50th Street when a beer truck suddenly made a right-hand turn into his path. With no way to avoid the impact, the cyclist slammed into the truck and suffered fatal injuries. First responders arrived to find the cyclist dead at the scene.

Police say that the trucker remained at the scene and cooperated with the police. No arrests were made, and no criminal charges were announced. However, the authorities say that an investigation is ongoing – and this could be a developing story. It is worth mentioning that the victim was riding a Citibike. These vehicles are available to the public, and they are popular among both locals and tourists.

Perhaps most notably, Citibikes are not illegally modified in the same way as so many other e-bikes in New York today. Although legal e-bikes should always be “pegged” to a certain speed limit, some riders have discovered how to override these limitations. The result is something more akin to a motorcycle, with some variants capable of speeds well over 30 miles per hour.

Can I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit if I Lost a Loved One to an E-Bike Accident? 

Authorities say that they are attempting to notify the family of the deceased e-bike rider. When the family becomes aware of this incident, they may decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company involved. This could provide them with compensation for lost wages, funeral expenses, emotional distress, and other damages.

Key Takeaways 

  • E-bikes have been linked with numerous fires and accidents across Manhattan
  • E-bikes are often illegally modified to travel faster than set speed limits
  • If you lost a loved one to a fatal bike accident, you may file a wrongful death lawsuit

Find an Experienced E-Bike Accident Lawyer in Manhattan 

At Cohan Law, PLLC, our New York bicycle accident lawyers understand how serious e-bike crashes in Manhattan can be. With our help, you can explore your legal options after your bicycle accident. You may have various sources of compensation to consider, and this compensation may prove crucial as you face medical bills, missed wages, and emotional distress. Book a consultation with us today to review your next steps in more detail.




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