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NYC Auto Accident Lawyers / Blog / Wrongful Death / Fatal E-Bike Accident in Manhattan Reportedly Caused by Double-Parked Truck

Fatal E-Bike Accident in Manhattan Reportedly Caused by Double-Parked Truck


Although illegal parking might seem like a minor offense, it can potentially cause fatal accidents in Manhattan. This was made clear after a tragic e-bike accident involving a double-parked semi-truck. According to initial reports, this accident would likely not have occurred if the vehicle had been parked lawfully. This highlights the dangers associated with trucks in New York – even when they’re not moving.

Bronx Resident Killed After Hitting Truck’s Rear Liftgate

 In June of 2024, NY Daily News reported that a man in his 30s had lost his life after crashing into a parked truck. The victim was riding an e-bike, and he was initially transported to a nearby hospital with critical injuries. However, he could not be saved – and he succumbed to his wounds while receiving treatment.

Police were quick to point out that the truck was double-parked. In other words, it was parked illegally. The authorities also noted that the truck was left completely unattended by its driver, who essentially parked the vehicle in the middle of the street for unknown reasons. Police did not reveal whether the truck had its hazard lights activated.

Can You Sue a Truck Driver for Parking Illegally?

 Generally speaking, a driver is responsible for their own injuries after rear-ending another vehicle. If you rear-end another driver, the implication is that you were following too closely, driving too quickly, or operating your vehicle while distracted.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Perhaps most notably, a driver cannot simply park in the middle of the road without a valid reason. If someone suffers injuries because they rear-ended a vehicle parked in this manner, they could potentially pursue legal action against the driver.

A key requirement is to activate your hazard lights. These lights provide a clear warning to other drivers, helping them avoid impacts. Often, drivers activate their hazard lights after being forced to stop due to mechanical issues.

Hazard lights are especially important at night. Without these lights, a motorist might not spot a parked vehicle until it is too late. Even if a driver does activate their hazard lights, they may still be liable for injuries if there was no real reason to stop. For example, they might have parked in the middle of the road to purchase food from a restaurant. If there were no mechanical issues, a driver may be held liable for stopping unsafely without a valid reason.

Key Takeaways 

  • You can hold truck drivers accountable for injuries caused by illegal parking
  • When a motorcyclist rear-ends a truck, the consequences are often fatal
  • Trucker shortages have caused companies to hire questionable drivers

Find an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Manhattan 

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