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Could I sue someone for giving me Covid-19? Negligence?

There are several considerations when bringing a lawsuit against someone for the Covid-19 virus. The two main legal considerations are:

1. Causation - did the person's negligence cause you to contract the virus? It is very difficult to prove how and who caused you to contract Covid-19. You would have to prove that you contracted the virus only from that person or entity. It is highly unlikely that you could prove causation.

2. Damages - although Covid-19 could be fatal, most cases of Covid-19 cause short term pain and suffering. If you were quarantined only, or had only mild symptoms similar to a cold or flu, your damages are minimal and a case is not worth pursuing.

If you could somehow prove #1 AND then show significant damages, then you may have a suit.

As of the date of this post, there are no active lawsuits filed against individuals for injuries related to Covid-19.

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