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Fatal Scooter Hit and Run Reported in the Bronx


The rising popularity of scooters in New York City is perhaps no surprise given the high rate of inflation and economic uncertainty. But while downsizing to a scooter might make financial sense, it puts residents of the Bronx in direct danger. The hazards, of course, are posed by negligent drivers – and a recent hit-and-run shows just how irresponsible these motorists can be.

Hit-and-Run Driver Fled After Killing Scooterist in the Bronx 

On February 17th of 2024, it was reported that a scooter driver had been struck and killed by the motorist of a black sedan in the Bronx. The driver of the sedan then fled the scene, ditched his vehicle, and tried to evade the police. However, he was eventually arrested and charged with numerous offenses. Although the scooter operator was transported to a nearby hospital, he ultimately succumbed to his wounds.

How Popular Are Scooters in the Bronx? 

Scooters are becoming very popular across New York City, and the City has introduced various public scooter programs for tourists and those without reliable transport. Scooters are also very popular among food delivery workers. Some choose these vehicles for work, some choose them for sustainability reasons, and others simply cannot afford traditional cars. Whatever the case may be, the City must do more to protect these motorists if they’re going to encourage the adoption of scooters on such a wide scale.

How Can You Get Compensation After a Scooter Hit-and-Run in the Bronx? 

Seeking compensation after a hit-and-run may seem difficult at first, especially if you cannot locate the driver. However, it’s important to remember that New York is a no-fault state – which means that you do not necessarily need to assign fault to pursue compensation. Instead, you can simply turn to your PIP insurance coverage. That being said, a scooter accident may be slightly different – as there is no option to get some scooters insured in the same way as vehicles.

Scooters that are classified as normal road vehicles may still be considered road vehicles, and they may still benefit from PIP insurance. Alternatively, you could attempt to sue the at-fault driver directly if the police manage to locate them.

 Key Takeaways 

  • Scooters are more popular than ever in the Bronx
  • Some scooters – especially gas-powered variants – operate under the same rules as normal cars
  • A hit-and-run is usually prosecuted as a felony in New York

 Find a Qualified, Experienced Scooter Injury Lawyer in the Bronx 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced New York personal injury attorney, look no further than Cohan Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured victims throughout the New York area – including those who have been harmed by hit-and-run drivers. We know how traumatic and life-altering these incidents can be – and we’re ready to guide you toward the compensation you need and deserve. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.




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