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Pedestrian Killed After Hit-and-Run in the Bronx


The Bronx is struggling with a “hit-and-run” epidemic, and these incidents appear to be occurring on an almost daily basis. The latest incident involved not one but two vehicles striking and killing a man who was simply trying to cross a road. The prevalence of hit-and-runs in the Bronx speaks to a worrying lack of responsibility and basic human dignity among drivers in this area. For these individuals, dodging consequences is more important than anyone else’s safety.

Pedestrian Dies After Serious Hit-and-Run in the Bronx 

On February 5th of 2024, NBC New York reported that a pedestrian had lost his life while crossing a road in the Bronx. This individual was struck twice by separate vehicles heading in opposite directions on White Plains Road. First, a Mercedes Benz struck the victim and tossed him into the other lane of traffic. Almost immediately, a BMW heading in the other direction hit the man a second time.

One driver initially fled the scene of the accident. The BMW motorist stopped for a moment after the collision before zooming off. However, he eventually regained his senses and returned to the scene of the crash – cooperating with the authorities. The driver of the first vehicle, however, remained at the scene throughout the ordeal and cooperated with police. It seems that even though the BMW driver eventually returned, he still committed a fatal hit-and-run according to New York law. As such, he was arrested and charged with various offenses – including DWI.

Judging by photos from the crash scene, it is clear that the pedestrian had the right of way. This is because the accident seems to have occurred at a marked crosswalk. While the victim’s loved ones will obviously feel crushed by this incident, they may feel some closure knowing that the negligent driver will see consequences for the fatal collision. They may also have the ability to pursue compensation from both of these drivers.

These Hit-and-Runs Are Far Too Common in the Bronx 

Unfortunately, this accident is nothing new in the Bronx. Back in November of 2023, it was reported that hit-and-runs had risen by more than 25% in the area since 2018. Before the year was even over, 220 people had lost their lives due to hit-and-runs alone. Fox reported these statistics in the wake of another hit-and-run involving two vehicles. In this situation, both motorists fled. Often, hit-and-run drivers are never arrested after these incidents. However, New York’s “no-fault” insurance system can theoretically provide compensation even if these criminals are never located by police.

Key Takeaways 

  • Over 220 people died due to hit-and-runs in New York during 2023 alone
  • Leaving the scene of an accident causing death is a serious felony in New York
  • Families may pursue personal injury claims even if the suspect is never located

Find a Qualified, Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in the Bronx 

If you want to hold hit-and-run drivers accountable for their reckless negligence, a personal injury claim in the Bronx could be a positive route. Criminal charges are helpful, but a personal injury claim can provide compensation for families and injured victims. While seeing the negligent driver face charges may provide some closure, it will not help you pay for medical expenses, missed wages, emotional distress, and various other damages. Book your consultation with the New York pedestrian accident lawyers at Cohan Law, PLLC today to get started with an effective action plan.




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