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Questions Raised After Tow Truck Kills Senior in Manhattan


Seniors are especially vulnerable when crossing the road in Manhattan, and this simple task often proves fatal for numerous elderly victims each year. The latest incident involved a tow truck and a senior, and it claimed the victim’s life. Questions are now being raised about potential negligence, and many witnesses claim that the tow truck driver could have done more to avoid this pedestrian accident in Manhattan.

Police Investigating Fatal Hit-and-Run

On February 5th of 2024, it was reported that an elderly woman had been struck and killed by a tow truck while crossing the road in East Village, Manhattan. The tow truck was apparently making a left-hand turn onto East 10th Street when it came into contact with the woman and caused fatal injuries. Although first responders were quick to arrive at the scene, the victim was soon pronounced dead.

While the driver of the tow truck remained at the scene, serious questions have been raised about the circumstances of this crash. Witnesses spotted police officers questioning the driver and subjecting them to a field sobriety test immediately after the collision. Many of the witnesses knew the woman personally, and one neighbor said that she prayed over the victim’s body after the crash.

It is too early to answer any questions regarding negligence, but one can draw a few basic conclusions. If the tow truck was making a left-hand turn, it is almost certain that they had a green light. If that is true, it means that the woman crossing the road also had a green light – and therefore the right of way. In other words, the tow truck driver may not have seen the pedestrian crossing the road – perhaps due to distraction, low visibility, or even intoxication. It is worth noting that when making a left-hand turn at an intersection, every driver is expected to check for crossing pedestrians.

Why Are Seniors So Vulnerable to Pedestrian Collisions? 

Seniors are especially vulnerable to pedestrian collisions for various reasons. First, they are relatively slow-moving, and it might be impossible for them to reach the other side of the crossing before the “walking man” symbol expires. Some seniors move at a snail’s pace, and drivers are expected to be understanding of these physical limitations.

Another issue involves their general lack of mobility. While a younger individual could theoretically jump aside and dodge a negligent driver, seniors simply do not have the agility for these kinds of maneuvers. In the face of a rapidly-approaching vehicle, many seniors can do very little to avoid the inevitable. Finally, seniors may also walk in a somewhat hunched manner, and they may not be visible to larger commercial vehicles. This is because a heavy truck has a considerable blind spot directly underneath the hood. There have been instances where seniors have been run over because truckers did not see them – even though the seniors were standing directly in front of the vehicles.

Key Takeaways 

  • Seniors are especially vulnerable to pedestrian crashes
  • These elderly people cannot dodge cars, and they may be quite slow-moving
  • Injured seniors and their families can sue commercial trucking companies after pedestrian crashes

Find a Qualified, Experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Manhattan 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced New York pedestrian accident lawyer, look no further than Cohan Law, PLLC. We know how deadly these incidents can be – especially for seniors. Whether you’re struggling with injuries or you’ve lost a loved one to a hit-and-run, we can help you pursue justice and compensation. Book your consultation today to learn more about the possibilities.



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