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New York Personal Injury Lawyer / Blog / Personal Injury / Groundbreaking Surgery in New York Provides Hope for Blinded Victims

Groundbreaking Surgery in New York Provides Hope for Blinded Victims


Even a few decades ago, the concept of an eyeball transplant would have seemed unthinkable. Perhaps this procedure might appear in a science-fiction film like Blade Runner, but never in real life. In November of 2023, it became a possibility. A human being was implanted with the eyeball of another person – and for the first time, an individual may soon literally see the world through someone else’s eyes. What does this mean for the visually-impaired today?

Doctors Hold Their Breath as New Eye Transplant Slowly Heals 

On November 10th, it was reported that an implanted eyeball was showing positive signs of regaining health – after having been inserted into another person’s head. That said, the patient still hasn’t regained sight through the eye. It’s not clear whether they ever will – but this is perhaps the most promising outcome that such a procedure has ever seen. Normally, the inserted eye does not show any signs of healing or regaining health.

The main issue with eye transplants is the sluggish nature in which nerve regeneration occurs. There is also the possibility of immune rejection – a common concern for transplant recipients. Finally, retinal blood flow tends to be slow or non-existent in previous attempts at eye transplants. These challenges may one day be overcome, allowing blind individuals to regain their sight.

How Might an Accident Lead to Blindness? 

There are many situations in which accidents may leave victims blind. One example is a car accident. Certain impacts may cause shattered glass which then impacts the eye, causing lacerations and ultimately blindness. Another possibility involves the airbag. There are certain accounts in which malfunctioning airbags have impacted victims in a way that leaves them blind. Airbags also contain harmful, toxic, and explosive chemicals that can accelerate eye damage.

Of course, an average head injury may also cause blindness, whether it occurs in a car or not. A person may be struck on the back of the head due to a fall, for example. This may then damage the occipital areas within the brain, which are responsible for sight. In addition, it is worth noting that medical malpractice may cause blindness. This includes not only botched surgeries, but also certain medications and drugs that can cause blindness due to their defective nature.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in New York? 

The existence of eye transplant procedures is one thing, but access to this treatment may prove to be another matter altogether. Even if the average visually-impaired person gets access to this life-changing procedure, they might not have the necessary funds to pay for it. However, those who have lost their sight to some kind of accident may have the opportunity to file an injury claim – thereby giving themselves enough funds to pursue this transplant with greater effectiveness. For more information, book a consultation with a qualified personal injury attorney in New York – such as Cohan Law, PLLC.




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