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Can You Sue After a House Fire in Brooklyn?


Of all the accidents that can occur in a Brooklyn home, a fire is perhaps the worst imaginable. These blazes can cause not only property damage, but also injuries and deaths. A recent inferno in Brooklyn has caused irrevocable harm to an entire community – highlighting continued fire risks for average citizens in the city. What can you do if you or your family suffered harm in a New York fire? Is it possible to sue?

Three Dead, 14 Injured in Brooklyn House Fire 

On November 12th of 2023, it was reported that three people had lost their lives due to a house fire in Brooklyn. A further 14 individuals reportedly suffered injuries in the blaze. Several others only narrowly escaped the inferno unharmed. Witnesses say that the fire was “really bad,” and that the entire structure went up in a matter of minutes. While first responders arrived quickly, it took more than 130 to extinguish the flames over the course of several hours.

Almost everything inside the structure was destroyed. The three people who passed away were from multiple generations. The eldest was a senior – a mother aged 81. Her son, aged 58, and her grandson, aged 33, also perished.

What Started This Fire?

 The question on everyone’s mind is simple: What caused this accident? What could have possibly sparked such an intense fire within a matter of minutes if not seconds? Initially, the fire department revealed that the cause was still under investigation. However, it did not take them long to get to the bottom of the situation. One day after the fire on November 13th, authorities revealed that the fire had been started by a lithium-ion battery.

Those who are familiar with recent fires in major cities should not find this to be particularly surprising. After, lithium-ion batteries have been repeatedly starting fires over the past few years, and various negligent product manufacturers seem intent on distributing these ticking time bombs en masse. It goes without saying that the companies responsible for selling, designing, and manufacturing anything that runs on a faulty lithium-ion battery should be held accountable. Three people are now dead because a company took a shortcut in the name of profit.

The next question is which company shoulders this responsibility? Could it be Tesla, the company that has seen scores of mysterious “spontaneous combustions” of its vehicles over the years? Could it be the manufacturer of an electric bike or scooter? It is too early to tell, but people from Brooklyn are already demanding answers.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in New York? 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in New York, look no further than Cohan Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs throughout New York. We know that fires can lead to disfiguring burns, emotional distress, property damages, and worse. Book a consultation today to determine the most appropriate route toward justice – including legal action.



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