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Possible E-Bike Fire Injures Ten People in Manhattan


Yet another fire broke out in New York on March 11th, and once again the NYPD suggested that an e-bike may have been to blame. Lithium-ion batteries have proven to be one of the most serious fire hazards in New York over the past few years, with hundreds of blazes linked to these devices. If you were injured by a defective e-bike, you may have the right to hold negligent manufacturers accountable. Here is what we know about the most recent apartment fire in Manhattan:

Marble Hill Fire Causes at Least Ten Injuries

 At least ten people were injured in connection with a fire in Marble Hill on Monday, March 11th.  Fire officials say that the blaze seems to have started in the hallway of the first floor before quickly spreading to the upper floors. A total of eight apartment units were affected, prompting a response involving 140 firefighters. Despite arriving quickly, firefighters could not prevent at least ten injuries. Some were trapped by the fire, while some managed to reach safety via fire escape routes.

Firefighters initially suggested that the fire was caused by an e-bike, although officials could not locate any batteries within the building after bringing the blaze under control. This has prompted a more detailed investigation by fire marshals.

Lithium-Ion batteries Continue to Wreak Havoc in New York 

If this blaze was started by a lithium-ion battery, it certainly wouldn’t be the first. This particular hazard has sparked countless fires throughout the past year, with New York suffering well over 250 of these incidents within 2023 alone. The story is almost always the same: A resident leaves an e-bike or electric vehicle charging unattended, the lithium-ion battery overheats, and it quickly causes a fire. It is not clear why so many of these batteries are defective, but the results are clear: Injuries, deaths, and serious destruction. Those who live in apartment buildings seem especially vulnerable due to the closely-packed layout of these structures.

To underscore the seriousness of this hazard, a delegation of firefighters testified before Congress in February 2024 about the number of fires caused by lithium-ion batteries. These individuals explained that the batteries were responsible for hundreds of serious injuries within the past year – and numerous deaths. It is clear that battery manufacturers simply do not care about the average American consumer. Not only that, but many of these manufacturers blatantly misrepresent the capabilities and safety of their products – claiming that they are safe to leave charging unattended.

Key Takeaways 

  • New York saw almost 270 fires caused by lithium-ion batteries in 2023
  • If caused by defective products, burn injuries can lead to product liability lawsuits
  • Common lithium-ion injuries include burns, smoke inhalation, and death

Find a Qualified, Experienced Fire Injury Attorney in Manhattan

 If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced New York burn injury lawyer, look no further than Cohan Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs strive for positive results after surviving fires. We know that many of these fires are sparked by defective lithium-ion batteries. Negligent manufacturers must be held accountable for fire-related injuries in Manhattan, and we are committed to guiding plaintiffs toward justice. Book your consultation today to get started with an effective action plan.




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