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Lead-Based Paint Poisoning

Most lead paint litigation arises out of the exposure of children to housing built before 1950 when lead was banned in residential (as opposed to industrial) paint. 

In New York, landlords, landowners, and residential management companies may have a duty to protect tenants or property users for exposure to lead-based paint.  Usually, lead based paint was applied to the surfaces of older apartments and rented homes.

In most of those cases, the victims are children or young adults who live in older housing often located in economically-depressed communities. It is important to note, however, that lead-based paint can also be found in older private housing in higher-income neighborhoods.  

Victims could suffer many devastating injuries, including but not limited to severe brain damage in some instances.

Plaintiffs in these cases usually seek compensatory and special damages for past and future pain and suffering as well as monetary awards to pay for future tutors and/or private schools.  These schools can provide academics for special-needs students, occupational therapy, and psychological support (and could cost more than $35,000 a year).

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