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Yet Another Fire Injures at Least Six Victims in the Bronx


Six individuals have suffered injuries in another Bronx blaze, highlighting the seriousness of fire hazards in New York. It seems as though fires are breaking out with each passing week in the Bronx, and these blazes are affecting vulnerable individuals. One has to wonder why this issue seems to be so prevalent in the Bronx. What are local officials doing to address the problem? What is sparking all of these fires? More importantly, how can you pursue compensation if you have been injured in a Bronx fire?

Space Heater Causes Fire in the Bronx 

On January 23rd of 2024, CBS News reported another fire in the Bronx. This particular blaze apparently injured six people and displaced countless others – and a faulty space heater could be to blame. The building superintendent told reporters that he believed a defective heating device on the second floor sparked the blaze. Firefighters apparently battled the blaze throughout the night, and the smoke rose high into the sky for more than two hours before it finally began to quell. The building spanned four stories.

Miraculously, no one was killed. While the rumors of a defective heater seem convincing, firefighters are not giving a specific reason for the fire. Instead, they have stated that an official investigation will move forward – and they will only offer such details at the conclusion of this fact-finding mission.

The exact condition of the injured victims isn’t clear. Smoke inhalation is a possible issue, as this is common for many survivors of apartment fires. Burns are also possible, and these can lead to permanent disfigurements.

Can You Sue After Suffering an Injury in a Bronx Apartment Fire? 

It is possible to sue after suffering injuries in a Bronx apartment fire. However, you will need to establish that the fire was caused by the negligence of another person before you can receive compensation. There are many possibilities in this regard.

First, you can sue the manufacturer of a defective product that explodes or combusts before causing a fire. Although a defective space heater is a prime example, New York has also struggled with numerous exploding lithium-ion batteries over the past few years.

Another possibility is to sue your landlord. Failure to follow fire safety protocols can constitute a breach of duty. For example, your landlord might not follow building codes when conducting renovations – creating clear fire risks.

Key Takeaways 

  • Numerous apartment fires have occurred in the Bronx over the past year
  • Many of these fires are caused by defective products
  • Some victims can sue product manufacturers and landlords after burn injuries

 Find a Qualified Injury Attorney in the Bronx 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced New York personal injury attorney, look no further than Cohan Law, PLLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs throughout the Brox. We know that fires are out of control in the Bronx, and we understand how life-altering these incidents can be. You may have the opportunity to sue negligent landlords or product manufacturers after preventable fires – so get in touch today to discuss the most appropriate course of legal action.




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