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New York Truck Manufacturing Defect Lawyer

Many semi trucks and trailers travel on New York’s highways. Many motorists try to stay away from these large vehicles. Semi trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, which can cause fatal injuries in a crash.

People tend to want to blame truck drivers for crashes. Driver negligence is a major cause of accidents, with causes ranging from fatigue to inexperience to drunk driving. But sometimes the truck driver is not at fault. The other driver may not be at fault either. It’s possible that a defect can cause a crash. In this case, the truck manufacturer is often at fault.

Sometimes multiple parties may be at fault for a truck accident involving defects. It depends on what the other parties know. For example, if a trucking company finds out about a defect but ignores it and allows the truck to remain in service, it could be held liable if the defect causes a crash. The same goes for a truck driver who knows about a defect or fails to find a defect that should have been in an inspection.

A truck defect can lead to a serious or even deadly accident. Seek legal help from the New York truck manufacturing defect lawyers from Cohan Law Firm for help getting full and fair compensation.

Types of Defects

There are several types of defects that can occur when it comes to truck parts. There are design defects, which means that a product was inherently unsafe, regardless of how it was made, assembled, or installed. Manufacturing defects are errors that occur in the manufacturing or assembly process. They affect only one item or a certain group of items rather than the entire product line. A marketing defect may occur if the manufacturer failed to warn about the risks of using a product or explain how to use it safely. However, these are rare in truck accident cases.

Many parts of a truck can be defective. The most common parts include:

  • Tires. Trucks equipped with tires that cannot handle enough weight can cause tire blowouts. These can result in severe crashes.
  • Brakes. Trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. As such, it is necessary for these types of vehicles to be built with brakes that can withstand their massive size. Defective brakes could cause the driver to lose control and seriously injure or kill themselves and other drivers.
  • Steering. Steering defects are serious, as they can cause a truck driver to lose control. A truck may crash into other vehicles or overturn, causing harm to others.

Contact Cohan Law Firm Today

In a trucking accident, it’s important to determine liability. Not every crash is the truck driver’s fault. Sometimes something unexpected, like a defect, is at play.

Contact Cohan Law Firm if you have been involved in a truck accident. Our New York truck manufacturing defects lawyers can determine the case, hold the liable parties responsible, and help you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the online form or calling (855) 855-0321.

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